Kloon is committed to providing tailored software development service. In business since the year 2000, Kloon is focusing on small and medium sized business customers. Kloon supports them with know-how and skills of more than 60 IT experts from its locations in Vietnam and Switzerland. The ISO 9001 certification ensures that results are achieved at the best level of quality.

Europe and Asia

Kloon is based both in Europe (Switzerland) and in Asia (Vietnam). With his international holding company and headquarter in Switzerland, the company is focused on providing high quality services. Both its European operations, as well as the wholy owned subsidiary in Vietnam are following the Swiss understanding of quality and service. This understanding of quality is futher underlined with the ISO 9001 certification of Kloon Company Limited in Vietnam.


In the year 2000, Kloon has started provide software development services to businesses in Europe. In 2007 Kloon has founded Kloon Company Limited in Hanoi and has since then continuously grown to around 60 IT experts. Both locations in Europe and Vietnam are under direct European management. In 2014 Kloon has completed the ISO 9001:2008 certification to ensure that quality management processes are strictly followed and document.

More than just profit

Kloon is aware of its surrounding and engages in social programs to support the development. Kloon supports economic development by providing microcredits to individuals in Vietnam. Kloon is also member of Blue Ribbon Employer Council (BREC) in Hanoi which supports the education and employment of disabled persons.

Security and Quality First


Kloon provides a safe environment for your software projects. We ensure that you intellectual property is safe and secure. It is your intellectual property. Our office are secured using biometric access controls and our IT system are secured against data loss and hacking. We ensure global offsite backup for your data. Our security is certified based on the ISO 27001 standard by TÜV Nord.

Quality First

Our focus is on the quality of the services that you receive. Our processes are ISO 9001 certified which ensures that all the steps are clearly documented and followed. Based on the processes and quality level agreed, we follow your requirements strictly to ensure that you receive the expected results.


Attracting and keeping talent

Getting and keeping the right people

As a provider of quality services, we are depending on the right mixture skills and dedication by our employees. Only highly motivated employees ensure that you receive the best results. This means that at Kloon we give room for people to enjoy their work and life, while staying focused on the needs of our customers.

Investing into the future

Dedicated employees do not grow on trees. Our training programs ensure that we select, employ and keep the best talents that stay with us and your projects. To keep the right mixture in the team, we mix and match both the technology lovers as well as the detail oriented person. A successful team is created by balancing all the different personalities to ensure the success of the team as a whole.


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